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How we can help

UK Textile Recycling specialise in the collection and recycling of clothes, shoes and household linen. We are launching a new initiave to encourage and educate people to understnd the eco benefits of recycling their unwanted clothese and shoes. By having a free issue clothing bank sited at your School, Nursery, Church, Charity we can guarentee to pay your organisation per tonne for all the textiles your bank collects.

What we offer your organisation

  • Regular collections
  • Professional service
  • The Clothing Banks can be emptied at short notice
  • Friendly customer service
  • Regular payments

Benefits for Charities

  • Textile, recovery and recycling via a charity offer both environmental and economic benefits.
  • Supporting the charity recycling scheme helps raise funds for the charity.
  • Each textile bank displays a community message and logo
  • A charity clothing bank offers an opportunity to site a semi-permanent recycling unit in a location of your choice

Benefits for Schools

  • Encourages the younger generation to recycle and reuse
  • Financial benefits for the school
  • Encourages children to understand the eco benefits of recycling their unwanted clothes, shoes and household linen
  • We provide educational leaflets informing pupils how the recycling scheme works and the benefit to their school

For more information
call 01832 735336

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