Our Textile Recycling Banks

UK Textile Recycling manufactures and supplies textile recycling banks to numerous charities and organisations. Our textile recycling banks can sited in public locations such as parks, libraries, shopping centres, supermarkets, schools and nurseries – anywhere that are easily accessible for both people who want to recycle their unwanted clothes, and our team of collection agents.

The clothing banks are emptied and serviced on a regular basis, to ensure the bank itself remains in good condition, and to enable the recycling company to start the recycling process.

Customised for your fundraising

Each textile recycling bank can be individual customised to suit your organisation. Displaying your message and logo.

Textile Recycling Bank Dimensions

WIDTH1500mm (5ft)1115mm (3ft 9")
HEIGHT1940mm (6ft 3")1460mm (4ft 91/2")
DEPTH1220mm (4ft)935mm (3ft 1")

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